Mach22 - Sweet Talk Intervention

Mach22 Sweet Talk Intervention cover
Sweet Talk Intervention
Independent Release
New blood in music is what we need if we wanna keep the music flame alive and spread the word that rock music will never die. This time the newcomer hails from the US. Mach22 are a rock & roll gang full of passion, joy & elation. The band was founded by the singer Lamont Caldwell and along came the lead guitarist Sebastian LaBar, who is the son of the celebrated Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar, the bassist Jaron Gulinois, who has previous experience in thrash & death metal bands – he also gave several shows with Charm City Devils, the rhythm guitarist Ted Merrill, who is the youngest of the group, & the drummer Damian MonteCarlo.
Surely, right guidance and targeted advice are what every band needs in order to achieve their goals and avoid mistakes that will take ‘em back. Luckily, Mach22 are fortunate enough to have collaborated with musicians/producers who do know the scene and gave ‘em a helping hand. The band’s debut, “Sweet Talk Intervention”, was produced by the renowned Jeff Labar (Cidnerella), engineered by Ronnie Honeycutt (Jackyl) & Brian Davis and mastered by the eminent UE Nastasi (AC/DC, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Gojira, Lamb of God, Steelheart etc.). I guess it’s the dream of every newcomer to work with music people like the above-mentioned ones.
On their debut Mach22 blend hard rock, classic rock, rock & roll, funk rock, blues rock, hard & heavy, alternative rock & modern rock music of the last 4 decades – from the 70s up to now. They’re not afraid of making the sound more contemporary and fresh rather than present a retro music outcome. After all, they are young… so how could they go back instead of onwards?
Listening to “Sweet Talk Intervention” is like you’re listening to some experienced rockers that have been around for quite a long time. Admittedly, being mature, assiduous & knowing precisely what you’re up to is another big plus for Mach22. I can easily bet that these guys can rock your shocks off when they are on stage. So do not miss ‘em for any reason. All things considered, “Sweet Talk Intervention” is not only an enjoyably rockin’ debut but sets the base for something grander in the future. Mach22 is a band full of potential that will bother us again in the future… so support them in any case.