Love.Might.Kill - 2 Big 2 Fail

2 Big 2 Fail
Massacre Records
Having only been around for two years Love.Might.Kill are releasing their sophomore album very early. Two albums in two years… these guys are probably tryin’ to keep things hot around them. Of course, for those who are not familiar with the band, I have to say that the guys here are not newcomers in the scene. This band was formed by the well-known drummer Michael Ehre (Gamma Ray, Nitewalk, ex-Metalium, ex-Murder One, ex-Pryer, ex-Firewind, ex-Matt Gonzo Roehr, ex-Uli Jon Roth etc.)… who brought the guitarists Christian Stover (ex-Rave, ex-Crossroads) & Stefan Ellerhorst (ex-Crossroads, ex-Diamond Breaker, Stefcore, ex-Stefan Ellerhorst) on board along with the keyboardist Sascha Onnen (ex-Mob Rules), the bassist Jogi Sweers and the vocalist Jan Manentis. This is actually a strong line-up, can’t you tell?
Now, musically, the guys pick up from where they left off with their debut. Heavy riffs, powerful drumming, beautiful keys and big hooks. Hard n’ heavy music… with AOR, melodic rock and metal elements. Just to give you hint… close your eyes and imagine a blend of Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Gotthard, Masterplan, Whitesnake, Bonfire, Helloween & Gamma Ray among others. With the “guidance” of the big aforementioned bands, without stealing and by adding fresh and renewing musical ideas, they delivered a very well-written & greatly-produced album that has some great performances and lots of wonderful catchy tunes that cut straight to the point. The album was produced by Michael Ehre & mixed and mastered by Markus Teske at his Bazement-Studios.
Love.Might.Kill released a killer second album, that numerous other bands will envy and lots of fans will cherish. Everything we loved about hard rock & heavy metal music is here but filtered with the members’ own musical personality. The more you play this album the more you will fancy it… as it will remind you of how our beloved music can be played, even nowadays, when there’s actual inspiration and not just the copy/paste thing that most of the bands are trying to do just to get a place in the sun.
“2 Big 2 Fail” does not have any fillers at all and it does contain 5 incredibly catchy songs (among others), “Home”, “Too Big To Fail”, Restless Heart”, “The One” & “Alone”, that need to be heard by any rocker out there… not that the rest are of little value or something. I do not know how much further this band can go… but I do know that “2 Big 2 Fail” kicks some major ass… so, if you are a true rocker/metalhead do get it anyway…