Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliees

Les Discrets
Ariettes Oubliees
Does the name Fursy Teyssier ring any bell? That’s right… This animated film director created this musical project in 2003. He was also involved in bands like Alcest and Amesoeurs and he was also responsible for their expressive cover artworks. Les Discrets is his way of expressing his thoughts of death and love through music and art along with Audrey Hadorn (vocals and lyrics) and Winterhalter (drums).
All I have to say is that it is a very diligently made work which will not only cement Les Discrets’ status but will also put them in great new heights, delivering audiences an amalgam of rock, shoegaze, acoustic and doom metal music. Blending emotions of desolation and bittersweet yearning, this album captures the very essence of melancholy. I just let my hair down and tend to see this album in a positive light, though I am unable to understand the lyrics… yet, I do not suppose all people will behave accordingly. Brilliant music is the top priority, but bands should never underestimate the great impact words can have.