Leon Alvarado - The Future Left Behind

Leon Alvarado The Future Left Behind cover
Leon Alvarado
The Future Left Behind
Melodic Revolution Records
Leon Alvarado is a multi-instrumentalist & composer from Texas. His new album “The Future Left Behind” is based on a short fiction story, which is set at a time when the human race is at a crossroads with their decaying living environment and has started leaving the planet for a chance for a better life. In the process, the vast majority of the Earth’s population remains to either resolve their bleak situation or perish.
Quite a spacy and fictional theme that for some reason doesn’t have the apt cover artwork… meaning that judging by the cover art one couldn’t have guessed what this album is all about. Anyhow, the music plays the major role here and Leon is presenting a rather well-crafted instrumental amalgam of prog rock, synth-pop, atmospheric, cinematic and electronic music.
The album features 14 tracks and 6 of them last more or less about a minute and Steve Thamer, the narrator, tells a part of the fiction story. Personally, I’m not a fan of concept albums and I do not fancy any kind of narration among the tracks – however, Steve has done a great job on the whole. But that’s my point of view. Those who like such things will find it rather rousing.
Moreover, the album features the talents of the renowned Billy Sherwood (Yes, CIRCA:) on lead & rhythm guitars on all tracks apart from “To Be Loved”, the legendary Rick Wakeman (Yes), who plays a Moog solo on “Launch Overture” & extra keyboards and Johnny Bruhns (CIRCA:), who plays the acoustic guitar on “To Be Loved”.
The production is very clear & full. “The Future Left Behind” is an album that addresses those who like instrumental synth-based music with progressive & atmospheric bits and fancy fictional stories on the whole.