Last Autumn’s Dream - Nine Lives

Last Autumn’s Dream Nine Lives cover
Last Autumn’s Dream
Nine Lives
Avenue of Allies
Those guys are truly unstoppable! They formed back in 2002… and since then they have released 9 albums! No joking at all! Some bands need many years to release so many albums, but LAD did it in a decade! In the last 2 years they have released 3 albums! That’s amazing… as is the quality of music they deliver with every new album. They have never released a bad album till now and all of their albums always offer some fine melodic and catchy rock tunes that please every rocker... they have made a great impact in Japan… but Europe and US haven’t embraced them so tenderly, as the Asian countries in general.
Mikael Erlandsson (lead vocals and keyboards) and Andy Malecek (guitars) have made an exceptional songwriting duo and they always deliver qualitative and wonderful music. These guys actually can’t stop writing and playing music in any case! They do not care for big labels, ads neither for a good promotion… they have their music and a strong fan base all these years… and they only focus on their music… and that’s truly great! 
“Nine Lives”, as the title says, is the 9th work of the band… and they just picked up from where they left… as it happens with every new album… no need to be a magician to find out what these guys are up to. Melodic rock music with (Scandi) AOR and hard rock influences… rockin’ guitars, steady rhythm section, melodic vocals and catchy tunes are all they are offering for almost a decade now… if you do not like them… this album won’t change your mind. If you are fond of their previous albums, then this album will surely please you… for it has some enjoyable melodic tunes like: “In a Perfect World”, “Nine Lives”, “Is This Just Another Heartache”, “Golden Cage”, “Megalomania”, “The Last to Know” (an AOR anthem featuring Jeff Scott Soto), “Angel Eyes” (a duet with Jenny Redenkvist), “We Never Said Goodbye” and “Don’t Let Love Fade Away” (an astonishing ballad). Last Autumn’s Dream are doing what they do best and that’s no surprise for any of their followers…