LambStonE - Hunters & Queens

LambStonE Hunters & Queens cover
Hunters & Queens
Lambstone is a Milanese five-piece that plays a bit of a more metallized alt-rock in the vein of Nickelback and similar bands on their debut. Compared to the “generic” Canadians, they are a tiny bit more inspired and somewhat heavier but still not without issues as Alex Di Bello’s voice seems to tremble a bit in a bit of what feels like an involuntary vibrato caused by not enough support.
Songs like “Queen” and “Kingdom” are not terrible, but they are so “one dimensional” and similar in their grunge inspired angst and depressive sound that they feel just like something you’ve heard/done before and better.
While they might want to be the next Soundgarden, they end up sounding more like a bad take on Nickelback and Pearl Jam, which ain’t meant to be a high compliment.