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Lamb Of God
Lamb Of God
Nuclear Blast
I’ve always been a fan of Mark Morton as a musician, and expecting anything less from his relentless guitar work is blasphemy to say the least. Lamb Of God kills it once again.
Looking at a world full of pessimism that almost lays waste to the music industry, Lamb Of God’s eighth LP expands their two decades of personal experience that have too-often dove into the darkness. Looking at the ten song album overall, shows the band’s versatility. Laying the self-titled stamp of “Lamb Of God” is defiant, to say the least.
The opening tracks “Memento Mori” and “Checkmate” were released on YouTube first, and showcase what the rest of the album has to offer to its listeners.
“Memento Mori” opens with this horror-like haunt, which takes you on a journey into the “Wake-up” scream… That will never leave your ears….
“Checkmate” delivers an overload of blistering speed tempos, driven by a rhythm section that is second to none: Guitarist Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell and drummer Art Cruz, who joined the band full-time after the departure of Chris Adler. Cruz proves himself worthy right away; on “Gears” and “New Colossal Hate”, at a mind blowing tempo.
“Reality Bath” grinds and churns through the track, with some very tight hooks and string skipping. Randy’s vocal performance on this song showcases his versatility and range.
Guitarists Mark Morton & Willie Adler have blown me away with songs like “Resurrection Man” and “Bloodshot Eyes” creating a monsoon of speed, groove, and thrash metal with aggression and hell raising leads.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear Chuck Billy and Jamey Jasta on a couple of tracks. “Route”, featuring Chuck Billy has a tribute to Testament feel to it. Now, “Poison Dream”, featuring Jamey Jasta, in one word, epic! I love the twists and turns that Jamey and Randy do throughout the song.
Conclusion: this album is a non-stop freight train delivering everything that you would want from a record from this band. There is a great flow to it and should be listened to front to back; no skipping songs. It opens with a horror story, and ends in a bloodbath!!!