Jasmine Cain - White Noise

Jasmine Cain White Noise cover
Jasmine Cain
White Noise
Independent Release
Almost 3 years after “Modern Day Gypsy”, Jasmine’s back with her new and more ambitious solo album to date. Jasmine Cain is a hot rocker lady who rocks like a few rock ladies on the scene. She’s quite talented and has participated in various projects apart from her solo works.
“White Noise” finds Jasmine in great shape vocally and musically. The music style is an amalgam of alternative rock, pop-rock, rock & roll & hard rock with lots of melodic elements. At times Jasmine brought on my mind Meredith Brooks & Anouk. Jasmine got what it takes to rock, like the aforementioned ladies did in the 90s. The albums features several fine alternative pop-rockers like: “Break Even”, “Hole”, “Fools Gold”, “1995”, “Fall to Rise” for the (web) radio, along with my beloved metallic (with oriental touches) “Nightingale”. I think Jasmine should consider featuring more tracks like the abovementioned one, on her next works. That heavier style fits her really well. The production is very rockin’ & powerful. The album was produced by Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant), and mixed by Mills Logan (Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Luke Bryan). Jasmine worked on the album along with guitarist Lincoln so as to come up with/achieve such a fabulous outcome.
The album features special guests by Jeff LaBar (Cinderella), Gerry Finn (Killer Dwarfs), Jeff Caughron (Full Devil Jacket) and Christopher Williams (Accept). Of course the top guest appearance, according to my opinion, is the one & only Michael Starr (Steel Panther), who does a duet with Jasmine on the album’s last track “Fall to Rise”. Other participants on the album are: Ben Johnson (guitar), Zach Ballard (drums), David Michael Thomas (piano, synth, keys), Kevin Bebout (bass), Mills Logan (percussion, programming), Kenny Greenberg (guitar), Philip Kelly (drums), Amber Rose (BGV), Paige Logan (BGV, Vocal Arrangements) & Charlie Parra (guitar).
In a nutshell, “White Noise” is a pleasing modern alternative pop/rock album, which will gratify all those who fancy female rock music with nice melodies and a rockin’ attitude. Jasmine is more ready than ever to take the next step with “White Noise”, and I do wish she makes it…