James Stevenson - Everything’s Getting Closer to Being Over

James Stevenson Everything’s Getting Closer to Being Over cover
James Stevenson
Everything’s Getting Closer to Being Over
Pink Gun Records
James Stevenson is a notable guitarist that has been in the scene playing & touring for over 35 years. I know that he doesn’t need any kind of introduction but just in case, for any young fans, I’ll say that he has played with Chelsea (), Billy Idol, Kim Wilde, Hot Club, Gene Loves Jezebel & The Cult among others.
Hence, it was time he released a solo album with his own material. Apart from James, a bunch of other musicians helped him on the songwriting part such as: Jessica Blake, Jay Aston (Bucks Fizz), Craig Adams (The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, The Cult, The Alarm etc.), Mark Taylor (Simple Minds, Elton John, Belinda Carlisle, Sinead o’Connor, The Alarm etc.) and Peter Walsh (Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, Scott Walker). The latter (Peter) also produced the album, which was recorded in different stages with James bringing over some fellow musicians to participate in the tracks.
The quite impressive guest line-up features: Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull), Chris Bell (Thompson Twins, Spear Of Destiny, Gene Loves Jezebel, Hugh Cornwell), Geoff Dugmore (Killing Joke,The Waterboys) & Igor Marjanovic on drums. Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop), Craig Adams (Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, The Cult) & Pete Rizzo (Gene Loves Jezebel) on bass. Mark Taylor (Simple Minds, The Alarm, The Cult) on keyboards. Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet) on saxophone & percussion and Maggi Ronson (Mick Ronson’s sister) Elizabeth Westwood (Westworld, Moondogg) & Tracie Hunter (Tracie Hunter Band, Ian Hunter’s Daughter) on backing vocals.
Musically, the album is different from anything that Steve’s done in the past. He doesn’t use a certain formula and focuses on the songs themselves more and the atmosphere which surrounds them. Rock music is the base for everything but from time to time he embellishes his music with pop-rock, blues-rock, atmospheric, classic rock, groovy, soft-rock & new wave elements. I like the way he changes moods & tempos on each track... in this way he actually gives a music variety on the album. Apart from the guitars Steve has also taken over the lead vocals. Although he ain’t the best vocalist around – he ain’t the worst either, his voice does fit nicely on this laid back music style. I can’t tell how the tracks would have sounded with a different – known singer, but I’m sure that Steve feels every little lyric that he sings here. It’s more than obvious. He sings with a bulk of passion and feeling.
In a nutshell, “Everything’s Getting Closer to Being Over” is spectacular, easy-listening, laid back & well-made album which can keep you nice company during the summer time.