Impera - Pieces of Eden

Impera Pieces of Eden cover
Pieces of Eden
Escape Music
Impera, the “super-group” which consists of drummer J.K Impera, (Bruce Kulick & Graham Bonnet) the renowned guitarist Tommy Denander (Toto, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Radioactive, AOR, Robin Beck, Sayit etc), the superb vocalist Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge, Rd White & Blues, Bam Bam Boys, Damned Nation, Road to Ruin etc.) and the known bassist Mats Vassfjord (Vinnie Vincent, John Corabi, Grand Design etc.) is back year after its debut with album number 2.
Picking up form where they left off with “Legacy of Life”, Impera presents one of the same without any significant ups or downs. Excellent performances by all the members, OK melodies but a tad generic & a very strong & crunchy production which was done by J.K Impera. Furthermore, the album was mixed and co-produced by Lars Chriss (Loin’s Share) & mastered by Mike Lind.
“Pieces of Eden” is a solid melodic rock/AOR album on the whole. The guys have also delivered a fine cover on Bruce Kulick’s “Goodbye” which features the guest appearance Bruce himself and Lars Chriss (Loin’s Share). I would call “Pieces of Eden” somewhat better than the debut but without any noteworthy variations.