I And Thou - Speak

I And Thou Speak cover
I And Thou
Independent Release
Quiz of the day: what can a collaboration among a bunch of good musicians present? Say, we have Jason Hart (Renaissance etc.) on keyboards and lead vocals, John Galgano (IZZ) on bass, Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and many others) on drums, Jack Petruzzelli (the Fab Faux, Patti Smith etc.) on guitar, plus guest appearances from Steve Hogarth (Marillion) on vocals, Paul Bremner (IZZ) on guitar, Laura Meade (IZZ, solo) on backing vocals, Max Moston (Slow Six) presumably on violin and Keren Ann (KAB, Shelby,solo)… The answer lies within five only songs, more than capable of making you feel thrilled to bits.
“Speak” is a heady brew of progressive rock, art rock, pop, classical and theater music enriched with loads of symphonic & orchestral passages. The whole work is so ingeniously made and performed that it emits a refined quality able to almost entirely purify one’s mind. Sounds somehow complex? Wait till you sample the sundry undertones of intricacy which become more than conspicuous after having heard the tracks for the second time. For all practical purposes, you could possibly listen to just about every silvery sound imaginable embracing well-turned lyrics and stunning performances. Killer song arrangements reminding you of Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Marillion, IZZ, and Renaissance among others should urge listeners to re-evaluate the definition of good music by comparing this work with others which allegedly have claimed a respectful place but not a well-deserved one. Trying to deal with each song separately is, for me, a waste of time in prog rock albums generally, so I’ll just mention that the fifth song “Go Or Go Ahead” is a cover of a Rufus Wainwright tune and Hogarth gives his magnificent own touch in delivering it.
Truthfully, I haven’t listened to such a mellifluous album, which mixes progressive rock, symphonic prog, art rock, pop, classical and theatrical music, since the year dot. 2012 has surely been a prog year with so many and in majority good releases of the genre. So, to sum up, whether you just have a yen for listening to atmospheric music or you are a true paramour of these genres one thing is for sure: you will certainly relish every single moment of the album. A fantastic prog rock release in the vein of the 70s!