Funny Money - Stick It!

Funny Money Stick It! cover
Funny Money
Stick It!
Fizz Donkey Records
Led by the frontman Steve Whiteman (Kix), Funny Money does not leave you much to worry about. It’s only dirty, sexy rock & roll and you can either take it or leave it… no second thoughts here! Three years after “Skin to Skin”, they’re back with my personal favorite and, in truth to be told, their finest moment to date!
Steve has his fellow drummer from Kix, Jimmy Chalfant, who also made a guest appearance on the previous album, by his side now. So, what does “Stick It!” have that makes it so good? I think there are no secrets in music anymore. It’s the damn sweet 80s atmosphere, the loud guitars, the hooks, the rockin’ attitude and the “dirty” lyrics. If you’re a puritan then you can easily be offended by the lyrics so get the [email protected] outta here and go back to your miserable, neat and boring life.
“Stick It!” has a damn “frugal”, rockin’ & crunchin’ production. You can’t actually go wrong when the album is mixed by the renowned mega-platinum rock producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Winger, Alice Cooper, KIX). 50 minutes of pure hard rock & roll music with filthy lyrics… what else should we ask for? Maybe a dozen of cold beers and a stipper show?! Hell yeah! The whole album flows so wonderfully… till the last song when you’re gonna have the big “shock” with the absolute “womanizer tune” “About Woman”! Damn the guys are so fuckin’ right… “I admit I don’t really know shit about women”… a pure classic hard rock & roll song about women… Fantastic! The really bad thing is that it is the band’s last album… so let’s hope they will reconsider things for they can still rock the hell of us…