The Foreshadowing - Second World

The Foreshadowing Second World cover
The Foreshadowing
Second World
Cyclone Empire
Almost two years ago these Italians impressed me with their sophomore release “Oionos”… their approach to gothic, gloomy music with doom metal and atmospheric passages was very beautiful… so I was looking forward to their new release.
The Foreshadowing have managed to embellish their doom metal… with lots of atmospheric, melodic & gothic elements and along with the deep, clean and almost depressive vocals of the singer, Marco, they have made their sound more personal and distinctive. With “Second World” they continue their journey into the mysterious, underground & secretive worlds… “Noli Timere” (with the obscure clandestine Latin choir) can ensure you about that. Although their music is rather melancholic and depressing, it does leave you a bright note in the end… if you can make it till there… before the darkness sucks you in, lastingly. The cover artwork that’s showing a post-apocalyptic image of ruins was designed by the renowned Travis Smith (Death, Iced Earth, Katatonia, Anathema, Soilwork, Opeth etc). The production is great as the album was mixed and produced by the eminent Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Frameshift & Nightingale among others) at Unisound Studios in Sweden.
“Second World” will satisfy the fans of the band and can also bring new ones onboard… as it is a very beautiful, atmospheric, gloomy, cinematic, gothic & doom work. Undeniably, the more time you spend listening to the album the more it will reveal its gloomy, mysterious & shadowy secrets. They are just on the right way and they are claiming a place among the top acts of the genre. This album easily tops the most new albums of the same style. “Second World” is a gratifying release indeed…