Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2

Five Finger Death Punch The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell
Five Finger Death Punch
TWSoHatRSoH, Vol.2
Prospect Park
Ohh my, ohh my! Only 4 months later and 5FDP are back with their second “mastershit”! I guess for those who didn’t have enough with Vol1… the Vol2 is more than necessary! Hooray! Time for killin’! What else better do I have to do instead of listening to this “great metal (?) album”?! Beats me!
Well, possibly I’m being too harsh on the band, for they have kept the better (WTF?!!!) tracks for Vol2!! Is this actually true? Am I kidding? Hehe! Affirmative! Except for the same lame album title, the cheesy/macho lyrics, the crappy cover artwork and the heavy as shit production (once again delivered by Kevin Churko)… everything else here is… hmmm better (?), updated (?), tolerable (?)… well something like that!
For some unidentified reason you do not feel the urge to smash your pc or go crazy when listening to Vol 2. Does that mean that this album is super, fantastic & amazing as the “mainstream paid press” & the teenager fans of the band are trying to demonstrate every single minute!! Huh! OK, let’s cut to the chase… not in a million! I think we should also applaud them for delivering one of the dullest covers for “House of the Rising Sun” ever! The train has been lost for this band, as for Stone Sour and lots of others. They chose $money$ over music. Probably, their creativity has long gone… they should take a long break instead of busting our @@ with meaningless and tiresome albums. If the band keeps it up like this I can foresee they become Five Finger Gay Punch (5FGP) soon…