Find Me - Dark Angel

Find Me Dark Angel cover
Find Me
Dark Angel
Frontiers Music Srl
Find Me is one of those bizarre Frankenstein experiments that happen in Frontiers offices, somewhere in the south of Italy, where famous musicians are combined with others to create new projects, but their debut, “Wings Of Love” really silenced all critics by being a fine melodic rock release, that effortlessly combined the best aspects of pompous AOR with soft rock, in a delicious concoction…
Hot on the heels of that release, the band which brings together Blanc Faces singer Robbie Lablanc and Swedish drummer/songwriter Daniel Flores, manages to almost recreate the triumph of the debut with a large number of melodic up-tempo gems ie “Let Love Rule”, “Another Day”, which also features Angelica Rylin (Murder Of My sweet, Angelica) some more self-gorging mid-tempos like “Nowhere to Hide” and the odd, but great ballad “Forever”. We really have a dozen of excellent songs on this sophomore that will definitely please all AOR/HR freaks. If you liked the debut, you can buy this with closed eyes (although that might prove a little tricky! Haha)…