Fallen Fate - Into the Black

Fallen Fate Into the Black cover
Fallen Fate
Into the Black
Independent Release
Having been formed in 2005 – they released an EP in 2008 and their debut “The Virus has Spread” in 2011 – Fallen Fate are taking their second step into the extreme metal scene. They may come from North East England but their sound has a quite modern US thrash/death metal flavor.
Fallen Fate are too good to be unsigned, then again they do not separate themselves from the other big or smaller bands of the genre. They play very well, aggressively & vigorously. They also have a melodious side but their modern thrash/death overflows. The production is tight & heavy as f@ck. Great indeed. This is another part where Fallen Fate prevails over most of other independent bands.
What they need in order to go a step further is to make their sound more individual & creative. They obviously can do so, but it ain’t that easy at long last. That thing will make ‘em get off the generic music path of the specific genre. “Into the Black” is a totally solid extreme metal album that won’t displease the genre devotees…