Falconer - Black Moon Rising

Falconer Black Moon Rising cover
Black Moon Rising
Metal Blade Records
Well, there are some bands which cannot change the way they deliver the goods and their fans do not want them to change their music approach whatsoever. Falconer is one those bands. Even though their previous works were a bit too generic and tiresome at parts their diehard fans never ceased to go crazy over them. That’s good on the one hand.
Now with their new album, voices and reviews like” yeah they’re back”, “this is it” “they [email protected]’ rule” etc. have already spread all over the internet. Ok let’s take the first sentence as an example. They’re back… but where from? For how long were they away? What’s the major ‘factor’ that changed on this album in comparison to the previous ones… and questions like that might appear in one’s head after reading a few press quotes here and there.
Falconer were formed in 2001… a time period were power metal was already in a coma and was trying to find a way to make it. Their homonymous debut is a very good album indeed but without reinventing the wheel – what’s the band’s evolution in the last 13 years? Com’ on, I really do not want to be a jackass but I was so much into power metal music… yet now it’s difficult to enjoy it (apart from a handful of releases each year) due to that damn “power metal songwriting formula”, where everything sounds too identical, so overdone and overplayed.
Anyway, Falconer are playing with passion and power here… they deliver some good power metal with several folk elements hither and thither, which will probably please their loyal fans… but the story ends here for me as it sounds too uninteresting & run of the mill for my liking. It’s a decent album nonetheless and Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) has delivered a great production & mastering too…