Eldritch - Neighbourhell

Eldritch Neighbourhell cover
Limb Music
I always liked this band and have been following it almost since its very beginning. And I have to confess that although I think that their early works (“Headquake” and “El Nino” in particular) are monumental for prog metal fans, their latter works have been a disappointment to me. Although progressive in the real meaning of the term, the band seemed to be disoriented. I could hardly expect such a dynamic come back – an album that repositions the band among the most qualitative ones in the prog genre.
The Italian band seems to have found in this album the silver lining between its early prog approach and the gloomy mood of the previous albums. What we get is a CD that differentiates itself from “nowadays” crap and creates a unique style for the band. We could hardly call it progressive, as the songs are short, extensive solos and complicated structures are missing. The songs are clear-cut and find their target directly. Possibly the only progressive thing here is the way the musicians deliver their parts, which require much skills. I could call this a modern heavy metal album, with lots of progressive elements, but again it is confining. Imagine Evergrey at lower speed (most of the songs are mid-tempo), mixed with Threshold and Paradise Lost. Lyrical melodies are woven with sharp riffs creating an amazing amalgam.
It is clear that Eldritch this time aimed at creating catchy songs – and there is nothing bad about it. The refrains are “sticky” in the sense that once you listen to them they stick within your brain and you keep singing them... and then the album becomes addictive! Special reference should be made to the rhythm section and especially the drums which play a leading role in the structure of the songs. I can hardly tell if this is the best album of the band (possibly this tile goes to “El Nino”), but it is among the best efforts of the band and for sure among the best releases of the year. I seriously urge all of you to invest in this qualitative listening... “and when she cries, is just a lie, how could you trust in all the moves she makes”...