Ektomorf - Retribution

Ektomorf Retribution cover
AFM Records
New release from these Hungarian groove, extreme, nu-metalers… and in a few words nothing has changed. They have become straighter & simpler in the way they compose songs, but their Sepultura (“Roots” era) & Soufly psychosis is still there.
“Retribution” is full of tracks that could have been Sepulura’s & Soulfly’s B-sides (at best). No originality, no inspiration, no creativity at all. Same tempo, same style, same recipe. I do not wanna call them rip-offs, then again I can’t help but say that they are a second rate wannabe Sepultura/Soulfly. They cannot even be in the same league with the aforementioned bands.
The production is good & modern. A handful of tracks are listenable and on “Numb and Sick” there’s a guest appearance by Cristian Machado (Ill Nino). So, what’s the point? If you find the latest Sepultura & Soulfly albums mediocre (at least) what can you say about a release that wanna be like ‘em but it’s second class?!!