Eden Lost - Breaking the Silence

Eden Lost
Breaking the Silence
Vaso Music
Being away from the scene for almost 7 years is not a minor thing. Especially in our time that new releases are taking over the music market every month. Eden Lost has been around since 1999 but only now did they manage to release their sophomore album.
This Spanish band never gives up and knows how to deliver rock music with style. Keeping several 90s and a few 80s elements in their sound while having various influences from Demon Drive, 91 Suite, Tyketto, Casanova, Mad Max & Bonfire among others, they did come up with a very good second release. “Breaking the Silence” has some very pleasant rockers like: “Starting Again”, “Gotta Be Together”, “Breaking the Silence”, “Hard to Believe”, March the 11th” and a couple of wonderful and emotional tunes such as: “Locked In Your Heart” & “Time are Changing”. The production is also strong but kinda “raw”… without meaning that this is bad or something. The album was produced by Jesus Laso and Javier Nieto and mixed and mastered by sound engineer Jose del Pozo. The guest appearances on the album are by Jorge Salan (own solo career, Mago de Oz and Jeff Scott Soto) for the guitar solo on “Starting Again” and Jaime de la Aldea (Patricia Tapia Khy) for the guitar solos on “Sun keeps Shining”.
Were I in their shoes, I would keep the album’s running play lower than 50 minutes and add a couple of bonus tracks in some territories. Thus having said, I think that “Breaking the Silence” is a well-produced album and way better than the band’s debut. It can put the band back in the rock scene but let’s better not have to wait for another 7 years for a new work… although I believe that Eden Lost do know better this time…