Echotape - Wicked Way

Echotape Wicked Way cover
Wicked Way
IRL / Believe Digital
Echotape is a fairly new band from the South of England. After the release of their debut album “Collective”, they return with a new singer and a new studio release titled “Wicked Way”. The album was entirely recorded and produced on the band’s own studio by the guys themselves. Honestly, they have done a great job on the production and I couldn’t have guess that this was an entirely DIY work in general.
Musically, Echotape have influences, from alternative rock, rock & roll, pop-rock & folk-rock all “covered” with that specific “brit rock” ingredient. Personally, I fancy how “brit” the album sometimes sounds and I’m glad there’s a newcomer ready to take chances without having to make any kind of compromises. Echotape delivers the goods in the “old way”… they care not only about the music part of the album but for the hooks as well. That’s why “Wicked Way” features some catchy tracks such as: “All My Days”, “Whiskey Bar”, “Grams”, “See You Soon”, “Pray” & “Soul”. Then again, they also have their susceptible side with sensitive tracks like: “I Got You”, “We’ve Been Dreaming”, “Little White Lies” & “Wicked Way”.
Undoubtedly, a very interesting music journey awaits you with rocking & sensual moments as soon as you press “play”. These guys are not fooling around, they are totally into it, they feel it and they live for it 100%. The music world needs “genuine” rockers like Echotape who are not afraid to take their chances and move forward in a “music world” where the term “music personality” has vanished. Those who fancy brit rock music will totally find a new favorite band to enjoy… do not miss these guys live on stage if they play near you!