Dog Fashion Disco - Sweet Nothings

Dog Fashion Disco Sweet Nothings cover
Dog Fashion Disco
Sweet Nothings
Razor To Wrist
There are bands which are straightforward, stable & normal and bands that are exactly the opposite. Dog Fashion Disco is one of those bands that you never know what they’re up to. I mean they indeed are a bit unstable, bizarre and wacky and their music follows the same path even though it is much more refined, catchy and pleasant than one might think.
Back after 8 years with a new studio album since their reunion in 2013...  it ain’t a minor thing – if you consider how much the whole music industry has changed (for the worst) in the last 5-6 years. They even used the new funding raising platforms for their own shake and they managed to reach an impressive 284% of the original amount! Their fan-base never forgot about them and they did support them when they needed. In return, they thanked their fans by mentioning each and every contributor on the last track “Untitled”.
A blending of avant-garde, alternative rock, metal, rock, jazz, pop-rock, melodic rock, progressive, funk-rock & atmospheric in the band’s own very special & unique way is what you’re gonna experience as soon as you play this album. Several “press specialists” keep putting every heavy-brutal, tiresome groove metal band under the progressive label, just because they have long-boring tracks… I do think that they actually miss the very essence of the word “progressive” in our time. Progressive music is meant to open any band’s music directions and push their music boundaries to the edge... not the same “copy-paste” repetitive shit we hear from all those wannabe-prog “djent” ludicrous acts of today!
Then again, Todd Smith seems to suffer from an esoteric, claustrophobic music paranoia like Mike Patton’s or even Devin Townsend’s in a way. However, every musician has their own very personal influences and ideas for the music they create. Literally every track is quite different form the other and you do not know what you’re gonna hear each time. Certainly this kind of thought-provoking, strange and abnormal music is not meant for everyone. And you know what? This is the fancy thing which such releases. They mostly address the music fans that do not put limitations to their music palate... and they also like to travel to strange music horizons.
In a totally different approach, "Sweet Nothings’ is already a successful release, since it has almost tripled its original goal. This album won’t only gather the “old band aficionados” but it will also bring lots of newcomers who know will come across the band for the first time. Some say that Dog Fashion Disco is a damn underrated band... probably they are right but that happens to acts which are a little too “weird” and hard to swallow. This time is different though. They still can claim what’s theirs... and I’m quite sure they won’t let it slip their hands for a second time so easily. All in all, “Sweet Nothings” has various “secret music ingredients” which will make your everyday music soup even taster and spicier... dare to go for it if you are a bit tired of the same ol’ ordinary things…