Dealer - Billionaire Boys Club

Dealer Billionaire Boys Club cover
Billionaire Boys Club
Wicked World Records
Dealer (not a very original name huh?!) is a newcomer from Los Angeles, which was formed by vocalist & guitarist Kevin Klausen and moved to Oakland after a while. The band had several line-up changes till they got their final form, the one that recorded this debut.
Now if someone checks the cover artwork, I’m sure they won’t be able to guess what kind of music they are about to listen to as soon as they push “play”. Then again, Dealer’s music style is somewhat mixed-up… it’s like someone has put rock, grunge, hardcore, thrash metal, NWOBHM, metal, garage rock, stoner rock, sludge rock/metal, alternative rock, punk-rock & noise rock in a big bowl and blended them together. Add the “retro” & “muddy” sound to that and you may have an idea of what this album is all about. Do not forget that the album was produced by Greg Wilkinson (Iron Lung, Graves at Sea, Lecherous Gaze) and Kevin Klausen and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, The Cooters).
Kevin’s voice reminded me of an 80s Mustaine but a bit more “rotten”. Yeah, I know it sounds somewhat “weird”, but that’s the best way to describe his voice. The cover of “She’s as Beautiful as a Foot” (by Blue Oyster Cult) is nothing near the original, but it ain’t bad in general. All things considered, “Billionaire Boys Club” is not my cup of tea as I do not fancy albums that could cause me a headache after a while. Nevertheless, if you think that you can handle the aforementioned genre blending, then just give it a try…