Daylight Robbery - Falling Back to Earth

Daylight Robbery Falling Back to Earth cover
Daylight Robbery
Falling Back to Earth
Solar Flare Records
I remember this band’s debut album about 3 years ago. These UK rockers made a strong appearance on the scene back then. Although their debut was very good, I was pretty sure that their follow-up would be much better in every part. And I wasn’t wrong at all! I can even recall Rob Mckenzie from Fireworks mag being very supportive of the band, by leaving a very positive message for their debut release. You can still check the review of the debut here and read all about it.
Coming to today, first of all, DR have two new members on board… the keyboardist David Billingham and the drummer Chris Miller. Time and various live shows have worked for the band’s own benefit and the “music chemistry” is more obvious and stronger on their sophomore release. The band has worked on their sound further and “Falling Back to Earth” is the proof. Not only is the production tighter and fuller, but the blending of melodic rock, hard rock, AOR, pop-rock & arena rock is also a bit more creative and cohesive. Moreover, the few contemporary rock & prog elements here and there are nicely inserted into the overall sound. By the way, the production has been delivered by the band and the mixing by the well-known Sheena Shea (Magnum, Robert Plant, TNT, etc.).
Daylight Robbery is a hard-working band trying hard to find their place on today’s chaotic music scene, where the good PR and the “social media” approval, are more important that the music itself. But gratefully Daylight Robbery haven’t gone astray. The essential thing is the music… so as long as the band delivers tracks such as: “I’ll Be Seeing You”, “Samarah Never Sleeps”, “Paradise is Lost”, “Fallen Star” (with the very smart use of child vocals), “Redlights”, “Between the Lines” (with the old Journey touches) and “Running out of Time” then there’s no chance not to make it. I think Daylight Robbery have found the style and the way they should follow henceforth. In any case, their music is wonderful & qualitative and the fact that they have matured and they get better on every new release is quite significant too…