Dawnbringer - Night of the Hammer

Dawnbringer Night of the Hammer cover
Night of the Hammer
Profound Lore Records
Dawnbringer have been around for about 20 years now, so I guess they do not need any special introduction. The band’s “bizarre” heavy metal music with various doom metal, NWOBHM and extreme (very few) elements might be simplistic but it does honor the 80s heavy metal roots.
Those who know what to expect from this band won’t be surprised in any case. Those who haven’t heard of them before it’s better to try them out cuz there’s quite a variety on their tracks and that’s a basic characteristic of Dawnbringer. Not a word for “originality” or creativity of any kind though.
The production is OK… probably a tad “hollow” with lots of 80s/90s references but there’s nothing wrong with that. The main problem for me is some tracks like the wannabe “black metal”, “Not Your Night” and the King Diamond-like (parody?), “Funeral Child”. Certainly not my cup of tea but this kind of “odd metal music” surely have its followers…