Daniel Trigger - Time of the Titans

Daniel Trigger Time of the Titans cover
Daniel Trigger
Time of the Titans
Independent Release
Daniel Trigger is a British musician, who has been performing in bands since his youth. He had some trouble with his vocal chords that made him lose his voice and had to undergo surgery and re-learn how to sing – “properly” this time and seems to be doing all this on his lonesome, handling all aspects of production and performance and actually offering his meager earnings to charity, which is quite commendable.
There are a further two albums under his name that I am unaware of, but on this album he’s all about a classic rock style but with the guitars tuned low, which creates quite a booming contrast. Stylistically, if you like post reunion Europe, this might be right up your alley. Trigger is a decent songwriter and performer even sounds decent as a singer, although, I cannot imagine how a surgery might have affected his voice.
The main issue I would have with the album is that the mix is not very tight with the instruments very sparse and all over the place, which doesn’t sound too pleasing, even if it sounds “clean”, groove is compromised and often cymbals and vocals occupy pretty close frequencies canceling one or the other… also the programmed drums become quite evident at times, (“I Was A Titan”), which obviously is another negative point overall.
Still, a decent effort with noble aspirations and motives, worth of your attention and maybe even support, if you’re in a charitable mood.