Dalton - Pit Stop

Dalton Pit Stop cover
Pit Stop
Frontiers Music srl
Is 25 years a long time period to be away from the music scene or not? Well everything’s questionable huh?! Dalton are back and even though it’s a bit odd that the last time they released a studio album was in 1989! They were part of the glorious 80s hard rock days… although they didn’t quite managed to enjoy the whole thing due to the advent of the “damn grunge music” which torn everything apart for nothing as it was made clear over the years. It’s really wonderful to see many significant bands from the 80s Euro and US movement to be back in business again!
The band went through some old demos from their unreleased, third full-length album along with some new material and they gathered 11 tracks. They worked with talented producer Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) and they did come up with a bloody good album which was worth waiting for. Don’t tell me that tracks like “Ready or Not”, “Don’t Tell Me Lies”, “Follow Your Dreams”, “One Voice”, “Here We Are” and “Something for the Pain”, do not evoke memories from the 80s golden hard rock era?!! It would be a big big lie!
Don’t get tricky by the 80s character of the album’s music. The production is clear and fresh. No wannabe 80s style or anything like that. It’s true that Dalton pick up from where they left back in 1989… at times I think that I’m listening to a new album which was released by a bunch of young rockers. Yeah, the guys sound very renewed and in a good mood. I’m sure some younger fans won’t be familiar with the Dalton name, but it’s never too late to get to know one of the most gifted European (Swedish to be more precise) bands which were part of the 80s hard rock movement. The title of the new album “Pit Stop”, declares exactly that thing… 25 years passed in a blink of an eye and their “stop” was only for a few seconds. Now they are back in full force and full of energy to play the music they most love and yearn for…