Cyanide - Lethal Dose

Cyanide Lethal Dose cover
Lethal Dose
When our editor passed on this album, it got me thinking if this would have been the Greek hard glamsters, Cyanide 4, but the absence of the numerical, made me a little suspicious... so I found out that this was a Vegas band, that was born when a couple of its members from an Iron Maiden covers band, called “Children Of The Damned” decided to form their “own” originals band… seems legit… they got a management deal and held auditions to get a solid “line-up” and went in and came out a little later with their debut album “Lethal Dose”…
The music is some “real deal” old school rockin’ metal, ala Crue, Ratt, early GnR and the like… Rob Hussey’s vocals sound like a mix between a smoother Pearcy and a better Vince Neil, who I suppose, ain’t exactly something to write home about in terms of “vocal ability” at least Vince, but their tone and attitude, really worked well – so in the same way, Hussey’s voice works, like a charm on Cyanide’s stuff, too.
The songs too are pretty “strong” and sound “original” enough... even if they are reminiscent of the aforementioned bands. They’re so good, in fact that, if someone told me some were, “left overs” from some classic Crue or Ratt album, I would not have a reason to disbelieve them. Their original tunes like “Bitches to Blame”, “Drinking” and “Pump It to Me” sound real good, the hilarious “Motley tribute” of “Nikki Sixx in Disguise” made me crack a smile, ten miles high (ha) and down to the last track, the CD, sounds solid enough… I wouldn’t have minded if Hussey had shown a tad more enthusiasm on some tracks, but, it’s nothing detrimental though. Quite recommended then if you’re a fan of Hair Metal & Hairspray!