Crimson Swan - Unlit

Crimson Swan Unlit cover
Crimson Swan
Quality Steel Records
Crimson Swan is a German band, that’s not been around for too long and this is their debut following an EP, (typical for quite many bands these days). They play a bizarre enough mix of doom, (sometimes downright funeral doom), with death metal vocals, sometimes exchanged for clean ones, over softer, atmospheric parts or even monologues.
The first thing that struck me as odd, was how bad, the sound quality was, with everything reverbed to “death”, with only some keys and clean vocals cutting through, occasionally. Secondly the clean vocals are clumsy and not strong enough. With the songs being long and slow, things become boring, rather easily. Things are patently bad during the nine and a half minute opener “Fade to Nothingness”, where the band tries to mix all these things. On most other songs, they mostly, go for “harsh” vocals only, which might not be too prevalent, in the mix, but at least, do not sound absolutely horrid. They do seem to have some fairly decent idea, during the trio of “Words of Perdition”, “Unlit” and the more straightforward, “Accusations”, but good ideas alone, will not really help them too much…
They might appeal to fans of Swallow The Sun, Saturnus, Officium Triste and Ahab, never reaching the standards of some of those bands…