Convent Guilt - Guns for Hire

Convent Guilt Guns for Hire cover
Convent Guilt
Guns for Hire
Cruz Del Sur Music/Shadow Kingdom Records
Having been around for only 4 years and after the release of the homonymous 4-track demo in 2012, Convent Guilt are finally releasing their debut full-length album. Hailing from down under, this band seems to be in love with the European late 70s early 80s metal sound and especially the NWOBHM era.
“Guns for Hire” will be released on LP and CD by different labels. The album features 8 tracks and lasts about 36 minutes. The song structures, the melodies, the songwriting and the sound are all reminiscent of the early years of the NWOBHM era. The production is fine even though it does have an 80s feeling on purpose.
Releases such as this may gratify the younger ones who believe that they can revive that era again and those who have missed all those great hard rock/metal (and NWOBHM) vinyl discs back in the day. As for the others, they may have a nice time listening to some of the tracks but it won’t have any impact on their lives at long last. All the new bands which are into this kind of music lack originality and creativity… that’s the damn truth!