Constraint - Enlightened By Darkness

Constraint Enlightened By Darkness cover
Enlightened By Darkness
Independent Release
Constraint is an Italian symphonic metal quintet that’s been around for almost five years. They started playing Nightwish, Epica and Evanescence covers but soon started writing their own material and trying to develop their own style that’s probably more influenced by Epica of all things, but with a more classical oriented vocal style that anything else.
Beatrice Bini, the vocalist, has a decent timbre, but sounds to be lacking power and even sometimes unable to sustain her tessitura’s consistency at higher notes however it doesn’t feel like something that could not be fixed by practice. I think that their attempt at producing this album by themselves is valiant, but probably suffers a bit on a couple of areas and sounds a bit “dry” and “flat”.
Their overall premise however is not terrible, but they are more interesting when they try to combine the more classical vocal style with some folk like ideas – and a lower vocal style. Songs like “The Ending of Time” and Illusion of a Dream” are nice examples of the more “pure” style of the band while Breathing Infinity”, Autumn Hymn” and Oniria” show more promise, with the band being more daring with the style. Unfortunately, while the title track could have been better, the production does hold the band back quite a bit, as with their chosen style – production flaws and discrepancies really show, so the orchestrations don’t sound as lush as they should, a keyboard lead sounds just like that where a choir might have sounded so much better and so on… it’s a matter of budget I guess.
Without, sounding groundbreaking, the band sounds fair enough, but they should up their game on all accounts to really become serious challenger, as a first release it barely stands above the characterization of a polished demo and I guess the songs would need to explore dynamics a lot more, but they might be able to make it if they try… a lot harder that is…