Confess - Jail

Confess Jail cover
SG Records
Confess are a Swedish hard and hairy neo-retro metal band. They have been around for half a dozen years, mostly gigging around their local Stockholm, area and releasing material on their own so far with an EP called “The Gin Act” which was produced, mixed and recorded by Johan Lund at the Soundfraction Studios surfacing in 2012 with some success. On the heels of touring that EP and positive feedback received the band re-entered the same facilities and decided to record a full length album this time.
Their style is typical streetwise punk inspired, riffy retro glam metal, that sounds a lot like Crashdiet and all those revivalist bands... they have the occasional – different song… but, occasional is the – KEY – word.
“Pray for the Prey” is a typical, siren’s blaring while someone’s heavy breathing can be heard in the background, as if he’s trying to get away… intro… that takes us straight into the end of a “Relationshit” a term that I might be suing the band for coming up with… since I’ve been using it for years hahaha, but I guess, that it must be a commonplace situation for a lot of people the whole world over, male and female… so... so be it! They’re off the hook… it’s an energetic up-tempo opener that will grab you straight by the balls or the V, and won’t let you go till it’s through with you… just awesome.
Confessonfess, prove themselves to mean business, right from the go, effortlessly. There’s no question! They just make the connection.
“Scream” just validates the faith in them, with a catchy hook and all the wallop that you might expect from a punch in the face!
“Pay Before I Go” just goes, jumpy and double time jiving and it’s fun as fu$k! These guys have tons of attitude and even if it’s their debut they sort of manage to sound quite sure of themselves, a confidence that the experience they must have gotten through constant gigging must have afforded them.
“Take Aim” is different. It’s a ballad and quite a nice one as a matter of fact with impressive layered vocals.
“Bloodstained Highway” however gets things back to the straight and narrow – with a more classic “meat & potatoes”, back to basics, rock ‘n roll track.
“Setting Sails” pays slight tribute to the early 80s and late 70s more rock flavored style being more light hearted and has a very nice “almost nautical” lead…..
“Back to hell” is a punchy, solo, filled number, with intense builds that has this “Baz” stylisms… and ain’t too bad, but isn’t exactly something too special either...
“Got Lucky” must be some sort of a sequel to Daft Punk’s mega hit, but other than an interesting half riff and half a vocal melody, during a verse, it's not even quarter as catchy.
“Cardiac Arrest” comes in all hard hitting too and it almost borders on thrashy glam on a couple of instances, but it mostly fails to cut it, just because it tries too hard...
And when I was in fear that the band might have been running on empty, they sort of rebound a bit with “Get Me Down” being a more to the point knuckle fisted rocker that however gets the mix of melody and attitude right.
“Intervention (Sin & Tonic pt.2)” must be some sort of a sequel to an obvious part 1, that I’m happily oblivious to and at almost 8 minutes it’s a bit too frigging long with it’s almost pastoral interlude there in the middle. However it ain’t too bad, it’s just that ambition and that extended “break” gets the best of it... if you treat it as two songs with a long “folk” pause in between – it sort of gets better!
Last but not least the band offers their take on Tina Turner’s classic “What’s Love Got to Do With It” that’s really guitar focused… interesting at the very least.
Overall, a band that’s easily worth both your time and attention with a very nice debut, with nicely crafted songs. Not perfect by any means, but they don’t have any major “faults”… that would make me dislike them. They put to shame most of the “poseur” compatriots that first print the shirts, first add the chicks and do the PR and then and only then, attempt to record a song… (sometimes even having to employ other people to play their own instruments!) lol! I do Confess that I like this wild Swedish bunch quite a bit!