Coney Hatch - Four

Coney Hatch
Frontiers Records
Who could believe that Coney Hatch would be back together on stage and with a new album after almost 28 years! But this ain’t a typical reunion of a bunch of friends that wanted to rock again. The whole thing started when the band’s vocalist/guitarist Carl Dixon had a nearly-fatal accident that put him on a coma. The words of encouragement from the bassist - to get well soon for they had a lot more rockin’ to do - probably worked well in that case and after lots of treatment, Carl was back on his feet and the band played in Hamilton Ontario in August, 2010 and late in 2011 at Firefest. One thing led to another and here the boys have come up with a new album!
The guys did pick up from where they left off in 1985 and their fourth full-length release (simply entitled “Four”) is rockin’ for good. Definitely, today’s musical approach has a more rock & roll/classic rock character and misses that 80s melodic hard rock feeling they had back in the day (for instance, just watch the video for “First Time for Everything” or “Fantasy”) but it does its job nicely. The tracks are fine, the band showcases a content mood for rockin’ out again, the production is fabulous but the cover artwork is bland.
Apparently, Coney Hatch cannot compete the younger versions of themselves (who can?) and “Four” is nowhere near their first 3 releases. It’s good and it has a bunch of fine tracks (i.e. “Down & Dirty”, “Connected”, “Marseilles” & “Holding On”) but it’s not at the same level with their older works, in all honesty. That doesn’t mean that their fans won’t appreciate this album or anything. Welcome back guys…