Coda - Coda

Coda cover
Z Records
It’s a little weird that this band that consists of seasoned players, like Paul Sabu (Only Child, Sabu), Vince O’Regan (Legion, Bob Catley, Al Atkins) on lead guitar, Eric Ragno (The Babys) on keys, EJ Curse (Silent Rage, Gilby Clarke) on bass and Andy Pierce (Legion) on drums, would end up signing with a company as infamous as Z Records that have been repeatedly accused of breaching of contractual obligations and even taken to court by a bunch of Swedish musicians…
Coda’s S/T album is a decent 80 hard rock styled album that is expertly produced by Sabu, who’s turned out to be quite the producer with collaboration across the board with people as diverse as Lee Aaron, David Bowie, Little Caesar, Alice Cooper, Jesse Damon, Elvira, Fatal Smile, Madonna, Malice, Motels, The Nelsons, Robbie Neville, Prince, Silent Rage, Daniela Romo, Tattoo Rodeo, Teri Tims, Throne of Vengeance, Shania Twain, John Waite and more … but while he remains a competent guitarist and producer, his vocal prowess has significantly diminished with his voice, becoming a lot deeper and less agile. If you like his timbre and don’t mind the additional gruffness, songs like “Den of Thieves” and “Tell Me Why” will not disappoint, but this is probably one of the man’s weaker releases.