Clairvoyants - The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come
Valery Records
Clairvoyants is a band from Italy that was formed in the beginning of the 00s and started out as an Iron Maiden cover band (they still are as The Clairvoyants)… something that’s not hard to understand if you take a look at their name. At some point they wanted to be more than another IM cover band… so they started composing and releasing albums with their own music.
Heavily influenced by Iron Maiden (how couldn’t they be after all?!)… they are true to heavy metal music… with various melodic (Masterplan, Edguy, Primal Fear etc.) and some hard rock elements here & there as well. The guitar work is very good… and that’s something anyone will notice from the very first moment. The singer is good as well as the other members. The songs are mostly mid-tempo and heavy when they’re not mellower & softer. “Just the Same Story”, “Sinner’s Tale” & “Horizon Calling” (very interesting song with a few prog touches) are the best tunes here… while when they escape the Maiden influences and free themselves… I generally prefer them better. The production is rather good and heavy.
They have to take care of some things… add a bit more personality and some other influences to their music as well. They can and they must improve their songwriting so as to present something more personal, creative and adequate at some point…