Chrome Division - Infernal Rock Eternal

Chrome Division Infernal Rock Eternal cover
Chrome Division
Infernal Rock Eternal
Nuclear Blast
New album, fourth studio one, for the extreme metal guys who decided to honor their hard & heavy roots almost a decade ago. Even though this music is more “trendy” nowadays, none can blame them for doing it for the fad rather than for fun. “Infernal Rock Eternal” also introduces the two new members of the band, the guitarist Kjell Karlsen (Gromth, ex-Breed) & the bassist Ogee (Mortiis, Shot at Dawn).
There’s nothing new other than that. You know what you get and you know how it has been done. There are no secrets here for this bastard of Motorhead, AC/DC, Sabbath & Spiritual beggars among others. They play safe and by the book. That’s my major objection here and on albums such as this. We have heard this kind of stuff a gazillion times before. They are overdone, generic & forgettable. The production is very good, full & heavy. Definitely I cannot overlook, the new video & song, “Endless Nights” which is sooo Metallica… a.k.a. “King Nothing”.
For some reason, this album was never-ending till I realized that it lasts about 57 minutes (along with the bonus track)! Com’ on… it’s impossible to make a hard & heavy album that long and sound interesting after half an hour… especially when there’s nothing original or new at it. I guess these days it’s quantity over quality for the music business but certainly not for my ears. Coming to an end, “Infernal Rock Eternal” is an OK release that you will play a couple of times and then leave it aside. It’s not that kind of music that it will make you come over it again & again.