Chip Z’nuff - Strange Time

Chip Z’nuff Strange Time cover
Chip Z’nuff
Strange Time
Deadline Music
I was never a fan of Enuff Z’nuff, mainly because I could never stand the vocals of Donnie Vie. Occasionally they would come up with the odd good track, but the overall style, tended to ruin it for me and I am not even a hair-metal hater, I tend to quite enjoy the genre, but not “everything” from it.
After the departure of Donnie, at the end of their commercial/big label era, the band toured and had, J.Monacco, the guitarist assuming vocals as well as Chip’Z. To add more confusion, Donnie, kept contributing to studio albums and occasionally even performed with the band... go figure.
Following a double solo by Vie, a few months ago, Cz’N, seems to be trying his hand at this, now too, with his own solo album, a collection of rather mellow guitar noodlisms, that owe a bit to the Beatles and sound eerily psychedelic, with Chip’z drowned out under tons of reverb. It’s smooth and I didn’t mind the 10 songs, I suppose, with the exception the of the songs where, the man, goes a little off the deep end like “Hello to the Drugs”. There’s an almost mocking version of the classic “All Day and All of the Night” feat. Robin Zander & Steven Adler with the background vox, sounding like someone “stoned out of their heads” trying to sing in tune and then “auto-tuned”.
There’s also a bonus 5 track EP of Chip’s collaborative project with Adler that’s way more spunky, and varied, and includes a performance by Slash and Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio on the overtly “Tonight We Met (And Now We’re Going To F***)” a quite dissonant piece of melo-trash rock.
Fans of Enuff Z’nuff might give a damn, but I only liked, the goofy, hippie “Sunshine”, the smooth and sexy “Dragonfly” and the instrumental “Anna Nichole”. Rather poor effort, all in all and I wonder, why the press release mentions that… Znuff was at some point boning Madonna. Big Deal. Why didn’t she guest on this then? To quote the great Zebra man, Madonna belongs to Mars dude! Hahaha.