Chemia - Let Me

Chemia Let Me cover
CLet Me
Rodeostar/ SPV
Chemia is a Polish band, that plays some rather modern punk inspired soft rock, with riffs that are not too modern, thought... they have been able to secure the services of producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica) by being associated with a Marc LaFrance (Scorpions, Mötley Crüe, The Cult)... at any rate, obviously the involvement of those two gentlemen, offers them a good production
To describe them, wouldn’t be easy, mix a bit of 90s The Cult, some Alice in Chains, a bit of Almighty the more rocking moments of U2, a bit of Him and a bit of the Brit Pop Rock sound, of bands like Supergrass, Muse and more alt acts like Jesus Jones and the Spin Doctors etc without the intricacies of their “vocalists” distinctive timbres and you’re almost there, but Chemia, rock a bit more than a few of the aforementioned acts. Now that I think of it, fans of Creed and Alter Bridge, might like em quite a bit. Heck I might not be a fan of either of the two, but I didn’t mind them at all.
Chemia is not bad at what they do and Luke Drapala’s vocals are unobtrusive, but they still get the job done. There are a number of decent tracks, here, like the hard hitting, “Fun Gun”, the rather fast but bluesy “She”, the rather unusual, syncopated, “I Love You so Much”, the quite upbeat “Grey” and the more introspective “We Toxic” or the semi-epic “Send Me the Ravens” that breaks out, at some point... there’s variety in “Let Me”, because if they were “flat out” just doing one style of song, strictly in a specific tempo, this would have been a disaster. Thankfully they avoid that pitfall and have a good riff guy in Wojtek Balczun one of their two guitarists… they’re interesting – if you enjoy a bit of alternative flavored rock but I just don’t think they have what it takes to be catapulted to the echelon of this very “bizarre” market. To do so you need some really signature – super catchy songs and some very strong media presence…
I’d not be surprised if they didn’t manage to get somewhere, but also I wouldn’t fall from the clouds if they did. It could go either way with a band like them.