Cave Of Swimmers - Reflection

Cave Of Swimmers Reflection cover
Cave Of Swimmers
Independent Release
Cave Of Swimmers is a very weird and interesting musical duo, which is based in Miami, Florida. The duo consists of G.E. Perez (vocals, guitar, 6/4 bass, synth) and Toro (drums, percussion, backing vocals) whose origins are in Venezuela. Their homonymous debut was released in 2013 and now they’re back with their sophomore release entitled “Reflection”.
Cave Of Swimmers’ music style is rather odd, stirring and thought-provoking. They blend classic rock, hard rock, heavy rock, stoner, prog rock, doom metal & sludge metal with Latin passages. Their music has a progy edge but I wouldn’t call it prog rock/metal with the actual term of the word. They are progressive in the way they orchestrate their tracks and they blend all those music genres together… and believe me it ain’t easy to do so but this duo does it brilliantly. The album features two long tracks “The Prince of the Power of the Air” (9:44) and “The Skull” (10:56) – and two others which are around 5-6 minutes, “Still Running” and the instrumental “Reflection”. It also features a single edit of “The Prince”, which last around 6 and a half minutes and it can be downloaded for free here. It’s true that the two long tracks could have been broken in smaller pieces but as both claim they didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the stories by separating each section with a different track. That’s fully understandable as the musicians always know better than the listeners.
The production is sharp, powerful and heavy. This kind of sound fully compliments the bands’ songs in every part. The album was produced by Perez & Toro, it was recorded by Dana Salminen & mixed by Ian Mercel. Lyrically the duo is somewhat Spartan, with few lyrics which are repeated at places. They have mostly focused on the musical part which is more complicated, eclectic and artistic. Perez’s voice is a bit “operatic-esque” but not always. That thing also makes the final music outcome more bizarre and unusually elegant. Frankly, if you fancy the above-mentioned music genres then you’ll be stunned by the creativity and the maturity of this duo. The album is somewhat “contagious”; once you push “play” it’s hard to stop it before it’s over. The guys have kept the best for last as the homonymous instrumental track is an amazingly arty & melodious track. Gratefully, albums such as “Reflection” show that the independent releases are not inferior at any point in comparison with the labels’ released albums… on the contrary. This “weird duo” from Venezuela, which goes by the name Cave Of Swimmers, has a lot more to give in today’s music world, where everything is so polished, soulless and flat… so be it!