Bullet For My Valentine - Venom

Bullet For My Valentine Venom cover
Bullet For My Valentine
RCA Records
Only two years after “Temper Temper” and I had to -yet again- hang on there and listen to the new BFMV album “Venom”. Well, I didn’t quite miss them in any way so if it would take ‘em a decade or so to release a new work, few would notice and even fewer would bother!
“Venom” isn’t anything new at all. The same (more or less) pissed-off, gay-gressive music with stupid lyrics and gay-core melodies. Plain, insipid and tedious music for teenagers who wanna play the tough guy on their class chicks who listen to Bieber or to Miley Cyrus. What the hell does this have to do with rock or even metal music?!! Honestly, the gay-mellow choruses sound too polished and plastic and they do not add anything to the final outcome. No sense of fine melodies at all, just simple childish little phrases.
During the recordings, bassist Jason “Jay” James parted ways with the band and after a while the ex-Revoker bassist Jamie Mathias stepped in. The production is powerful but too over-polished on the whole. I wonder where bands such as this would be in a decade from now or so. Their time is running out and the so called “big labels” will soon show them the door and they will stuck like a leech to the next “modern act” which will bring em money… that’s how things work in the music business, like it or not…