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Buffalo Summer
Buffalo Summer
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The whole 70s classic rock “retro period” we’re experiencing these days has its positive & negative aspects. There are numerous new bands copying the big ones like crazy and part of them are totally satisfied with having become clones of their beloved acts and along with them, the “paid” press & lots of the fans. Then again there a few newcomers that are influenced by the 70s rock era but they have filtered those influences with their own stigma and wanna go their own way. Assuredly, they do not claim they have made a music revolution, but it’s very honest to play the music you love from the heart and not copy or become somebody else’s clone (a.k.a. clown!).
That’s exactly the case with this newcomer from South Wales. Buffalo Summer may have started their long journey a couple of years ago but they appear more mature & focused than most of their rivals. Their music blend of classic rock, rock & roll along with bits of southern rock and hard rock does smell 70s from miles way but it also has a contemporary touch, especially on the production part, which makes the final outcome quite fresh and not “old-fashioned whatsoever.
I’ve read that they guys are giving some hell of a shows and it’s really great to watch them up on stage. I do not have a personal saying on that, but judging by their performances on the album and their “free rockin’ spirit” which is all over the place then I think they rock the house down on their live appearances. The band’s debut album is worth-checking out for sure. If they come up with a few more memorable hooks on their upcoming release then they will hit the high road. Buffalo Summer is an utterly rockin’ newcomer that you should keep in sight, especially if you fancy 70s classic rock music…