Bonz - Broken Silence

Bonz Broken Silence cover
Broken Silence
Pavement Entertainment/ Eternal Sound Records
I’m sure the name Stuck Mojo is familiar to those who fancy the alternative, rap-metal & hip-hop sound of the early 90s. That band is considered to be one of the pioneers of the rap-metal sound back in the day but apart from the numerous fans they have, they also have many haters. That’s the thing with “weird” acts that become popular.
Anyhow, the band’s vocalist Bonz is here again to remind us of those 90s days. And I say to remind us cuz “Broken Silence” “took me” back 20+ years when this kind of music ruled the MTV and the radio. Personally, I had never been a fan of that kind of music but I still respect the power, the passion and the intensity Stuck Mojo and other acts used to have in general. Along with Bonz there’s former Primer 55 guitarist/bassist Curt Taylor. The album also features guest appearances by the original Primer 55 vocalist Jason “J-Sin” Luttrell and the guitarist Mike Martin (ex-Stuck Mojo, Fozzy). The production is powerful, heavy and a tad “raw” at places.
As you can guess by the collaborations mentioned above “Broken Silence” is an amalgam of heavy, rap-metal, alternative, hip-hop and nu-metal music. It doesn’t sound too “modern” as some may think… I’d say that the 90s “music stigma” is there and the older fans will get it right away. As for the younger ones, who grew up by listening bands that were influenced by Stuck Mojo (and others), it would be a good chance to revise the roots of the specific music kind through “Broken Silence”…