Blue Tears - Dancin’ on the Back Streets

Blue Tears
Dancin’ on the Back Streets
Suncity Records
Blast from the past number 2 for Blue Tears. What I have written for “Mad, Bad & Dangerous” goes for this album as well. Gregg seemed to have lots of demo tunes in his drawer so thank God that a label (Suncity Records) got hooked and decided to remix & re-master them in order to offer them to us properly.
Certainly you’re going to enjoy various hard rockin’ tunes like: “Summer Girl”, “Kiss and Tell”, “A Date with Destiny”, “Do You Want Me”, “Livin’ in the Movies”, “She’s not Falling in Love” & “Dark of the Night”. And a few mellower & sensitive ones such as: “Storm in my Heart” (Gregg also released it with Attraction 65 in 2002), “Forever Yours”, “Small Town Dreams”, “Strong” (also part of Attraction 65 album) & “Dream of Me”.
One can see that Gregg is a truly talented guy and he has always been 100% into music without fooling around. Unfortunately, the music industry didn’t support neither embraced this artist so it is destined that his work won’t ever get the exposure it deserves to get. So be it! I really don’t give a damn about it… as long as there are fans that truly love this kind of music and search around for “small music diamonds” then artists like Gregg will always get the love they deserve.
“Dancin’ on the Back Streets” closes the chapter of the old Blue Tears songs, the demo ones, which were around the web and had very bad sound. Let’s hope to see the band alive & ready to rock us again cuz’ Gregg has a lot more to offer as a composer and musician…