Blood of Kings - Starvation

Blood of Kings
My Graveyard Productions
Blood of Kings are coming from Seattle, Washington. No, they’re not another grunge (WTF?!) or alternative rock band. In their own words, they are three boozers who are possessed by old Heavy Metal and Punk. The band’s music can be described as a blend of traditional heavy metal with thrash & speed metal elements. Of course, the bottom line is the 80s metal influences. The production is totally old-school and has been done (as well as the recordings, the mixing & the mastering) by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio.
This album is totally 80s metal. The only thing that doesn’t work very well for me is the “weird” vocals. At times they remind of a “bad Mustaine case” (wow is there one really?) while a few others they sound like a cross between a baby crying & a cat mewing… they are also a bit low in the mix and not very strong in general. I can’t tell why they chose to go without caring to add a proper singer to their band but they surely know better than me. Unfortunately, that thing made the whole outcome unattractive after a while. I know that it may sound kinda “cult” “old school” or “true” to some underground metal music lovers but not to me… after all, they are the ones who shall proceed…