Blessed By A Broken Heart - Feel The Power

Blessed By A Broken Heart
Feel The Power
Tooth & Nail Records/Rude Records
The guys formed Blessed By A Broken Heart in 2003, in Canada and they have released three albums including “Feel The Power”. I happened to see the video for “Forever” before I heard this album… and I thought that BBAH was one pop rock/metal (with some metalcore influences) band with a punk(hardcore)-like appearance. Although the song is trying hard to be a “hit”… it becomes kinda gay and cheesy in the end.
Although they began as a metalcore band… they soon blended many different styles like (80s) hair/sleaze metal, heavy metal with more modern elements from pop, thrash and metalcore… and the result is sort of confusing. Sometimes they sound like an 80s sleaze band with nice solos (the guitarist is very good), other times like a metalcore band that has put too much melody in their tunes and lastly, they remind of a modern pop rock/metal band that’s struggling to be commercial.
“Feel The Power” comes 4 years after “Pedal To The Metal” which was released under Century Media… nowadays, the guys have a new label. They also have two new members on the band, the drummer Slater and the rhythm guitarist Sam Ryder. It’s not that they do not have some good ideas but they must decide which way they wanna go… they can’t blend all those music styles… successfully… neither have they got the potential to do so. Instead, they can deliver nice simple tunes with good orchestrations like “I’ve Got You” & “Rockin' All Night”. The production may have a modern/popish flavor but it’s great…. and it’s not to wonder, since the guys have worked with pop, punk/rock veteran James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Paramore) at his South Florida HQ.
If you wanna be successful you have to know both your limitations and your abilities. “Feel the Power” will give them the chance to be heard by a larger fan base… but they need to make changes and settle down if they wanna get ahead. There’s no power to feel here… and that cover ala MadMax is awful…