Blacklist Union - Back to Momo

Blacklist Union Back to Momo cover
Blacklist Union
Back to Momo
BLU Records
Blacklist Union are back three years after “Til Death Do Us Part”, with their fourth studio album work entitled “Back to Momo”. Having been around for more than a decade the LA rockers, led by the vocalist Tony West, are presenting a rockin’ album which is closer to the old & new rock values they have in mind.
“Back to Momo” blends the 80s, 90s and 00s hard rock music of the US with various alternative, punk rock & modern rock elements. They have retained the hard rock & roll music of the past but they have also made it more contemporary with the addition of the modern features. I do not know how the LA music scene is like today, but it’s a privilege that there are bands like Blacklist Union which hold the hard rock flag up high and pay their respects to the acts which made the scene one of the top rock music scenes in the word during the last 3 decades.
The album’s production is rockin’ and powerful. It exhales that “in-your-face” thing of rock music in general. If there’s one major thing missing here is that “big hit” which will give the band more popularity right away. Other than that the new & the old rockers will find several tracks to revel in. Overall, “Back to Momo” is a damn fine hard rock & roll album…