Blackfinger - Blackfinger

Blackfinger cover
The Church Within Records
First it was Trouble (about 6 months ago) without Eric Wagner. Now it’s Eric without Trouble. Hard to swallow it but so damn true. Trouble did things right even though Eric is/was a big miss. Eric is going his lonely way now. He gathered some musicians around him and formed Blackfinger in 2009. Some may wonder if Blackfinger is Trouble no2 but (thankfully) the answer is no! Would there be a point after all? Then again, Blackfinger is a “band” and not a “project”.
Blackfinger is a heavy rock band with doom metal elements but it’s the rockier side that overshadows the doomy one. They are more rockin’ & lighter than Trouble. They are not quite dark but they are somewhat melancholic at times. What strikes you from the very first moment is Eric’s voice. Ohh Lord he sounds sooo damn good. It’s like not a single day have passed since his glorious days. He’s in great shape and that’s obvious as soon as you listen to the album. To tell the truth, “Blackfinger” is full of Eric! He’s also a tad higher on the mix. Everything’s below him. It doesn’t take much to understand that this is Eric’s very own work. It would be inaccurate not to say that the other guys are also helping him but let’s face it, the star here is Eric.
I guess neither Trouble nor Eric alone can bridge the gap they created when they decided to go separate ways. They both do well, but I can say that together they could have done so much better. The reunion scenario will always be there, but I do not see that happening anytime soon. It will do so but it will take time. If you enjoyed the latest Trouble album (“The Distortion Field”), then you will fancy this album too, even though, as I said earlier, Blackfinger are more rockin’ and not so doom & heavy as Trouble. Definitely Eric’s characteristic voice will evoke memories to the Trouble maniacs. What this album lacks is the strong memorable songs. Most of the tracks are OK but a bit generic at times. I’m looking forward to this band and what Eric has to offer after all this time…