Black Veil Brides - Wretched and Divine - The Story of the Wild Ones

Black Veil Brides Wretched and Divine - The Story of the Wild Ones cover
Black Veil Brides
Wretched and Divine - The Story of...
Lava/Universal Republic
It’s with joy that I’m watching the gay rock movement going on strong & becoming our time’s hottest music genre. Bands with no identity, no talent, no image, no skills, no imagination or originality have taken over the teenagers around the world. It kinda brought the Eurovision-lover band Sturm Und Drang on my mind!
I honestly cannot tell why there’s buzz around this release… it seems that I’m missing something. Maybe it’s because I’m not an “angry” teenager that wanna listen to “aggressive” gay rock music and feel macho! Well probably. Rock music never sounded gayer, cheesier & more plastic. Oh no let me say… Sturm Und Drang have also done the same thing… it’s hard to tell them apart at times. Black Veil Brides (is it me or this name is ridiculous?) have thrown some Nickelback, Metallica, metal & post-hardcore features and those are enough to make ‘em sound the same in every song! Wow that’s great! How have they actually done so? The plastic - flawless - production only makes the whole thing slightly tolerable!
“Wretched and Divine - The Story of the Wild Ones”… could easily be “The Story for the Gay Ones” for even Charon on the cover artwork has never seemed so gay before! I never thought that Charon could be so hilarious on a cover artwork! Besides all that, the band indeed has inspiration as the album contains 18 songs plus 1 intro! And to my surprise the total album play is about 50 minutes! I can hardly choose any songs out of this for they all sound alike in every part. Ohh, poor me! A specific formula of how to make cheesy, uninteresting, pop & dull “gay rock” songs that will possibly make your CD sell millions.
How can someone listen to this and find it exciting, rockin’ & great is still a mystery to me! Too bad that they are from the US and they can’t take part in Eurovision… I’m sure they could have done so well there. After having listened to this powerful album it’s hard for me even to think of listening to any metal bands like Judas Priest, Darkology, Megadeth, Masterplan, Pantera etc. cuz’ they all sound so sissy compared to Black Gay Brides…