Black Majesty - Cross of Thorns

Black Majesty Cross of Thorns cover
Black Majesty
Cross of Thorns
Pride & Joy Music
Black Majesty are a band that have been going on post millennially releasing some six albums of pretty standard Europower even if they are Australians. They are characterized by their usually monochromatic covers, which used to be blue/purple in the beginning and to which color scheme they seem to be returning for their latest album cross of thorns the first to not figure their emblematic mascot on the cover. They are not bad, musically speaking, even if their songs tend to be of the cookie cutter 4/4 variety but for me their major factor to not enjoy them is their singer Jon Cavaliere, who’s got a weak, nasal voice that seems to be too thin, struggling on the higher tessitura and sounds rather hollow and lacking power in the lows... which obviously doesn’t seem to phase whatever fandom they might have.
If you like Axenstar, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call but with weaker vocals, you might like them… but overall, I found them disappointing mainly because of their singer and to a lesser extend their not so challenging musical direction (their songs are far from horrible, they are in fact rather good) as they do seem to be quite able on a musical level.