Black-Bone - Blessing in Disguise

Black-Bone Blessing in Disguise cover
Blessing in Disguise
Black Bone is a Dutch trio, that performs some dirty, to the bone, rock with a punk/garage ethos and edge. “Blessing in Disguise” is their second effort, after “220”… probably mostly local gigs and a Euro tour with Mustach, plus a support slot to Deep Purple in 2011.
There’s not much to consider, about the band or their style, other than say that they do that somewhat stoney, garage rock style justice and seem socially conscious with songs like “Suicide (ain’t no way out)”… their songs tend to be mostly similar to each other, similar tempos, riffs and the same gravelly voice with the exception of the semi-ballad “Wrong”, which also clocks above six minutes – quite a long song for the given style and the mystic-garage of Ashereah, taking hints from ancient lore, is more a thing, a desert or, psychedelic band, might do... there’s a nice semi-eastern flavored riff there…
Can’t say I’m mightily impressed, but 200 gigs, will probably get you somewhere… if not, there are at least 220 bars to attend for a pint…